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7 Best Value Investing Blogs For Beginners

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If you are a beginner investor, reading and following investment ideas through some of the best value investing blogs can make your investing IQ skyrocket in no time. So, bookmark the 7 best investing blogs in this article, and your learning process will be much quicker.

As an investor, learning and reading some of the best books for financial literacy are the keys to success. If you are a beginner, the amount of knowledge you need to learn seems overwhelming. In addition to theoretical knowledge, it is helpful to read and learn from experienced investors. Good value investing blogs will be an incredible source that can help you get this and know how to be an investor

From a wide range of great investing blogs and resources, we have helped you narrow them down.
From a wide range of great investing blogs and resources, we have helped you narrow them down. (Source: Pixabay)

In this article, we will recommend the 7 best investing blogs listed in alphabetical order and all you need to do is get your bookmark ready.

1. Contrarian Edge

From numerous best investing blogs on the web ranked by traffic, social media followers, we recommend you take time to follow Contrarian Edge. The first reason for choosing Contrarian Edge on our list of great value investing blogs is due to its author. Katsenelson, the author of this blog and a couple of books, is called the new Benjamin Graham by Forbes. In addition to being a well-known value investor, he is a former analyst, portfolio manager, and now CEO of Investment Management Associates. 

The other reason is the wonderfully eclectic nature of its content, covering everything from insightful analysis of popular stocks like Apple and Amazon to musings on Tchaikovsky. Also, with Contrarian Edge, you can learn from behavioral investing to capitalism to crypto investment strategy and specific tickers. 

His famous philosophy is “I invest, I educate, I write, and I could not dream of doing anything else”. If you are in the period to achieve your financial goals and look for some great tips for making smart investments in your 20s, bookmark Contrarian Edge on your list of value investing blogs.

2. Value Investing World

If you are looking for the best investing blogs, don’t skip Value Investing World. This blog is self-described as a value investing blog dedicated to promoting the multidisciplinary approach to investing and developing. It is a latticework of mental model, bringing in a broad range of articles on linking to investing and economic material that take a cerebral approach and is worth reading.

Don’t hesitate to add Value Investing World to your value investing blogs list if you are ready to get a full picture of the power of compound interest investments and grow your wealth.

3. ValueWalk

If you are a newbie in the financial market or confused about how to secure your financial future, take time to read and learn investing blogs for beginners like ValueWalk. As a simple value investing blog started in 2010, ValueWalk has mushroomed into a popular site delivering breaking financial industry news. Its content mainly involves hedge funds, large asset managers, and value investing. 

Leading investing blogs with high quality content provide beneficial information for every investor, especially for beginners. (Source: Pixabay)

ValueWalk offers quality content with multiple posts a day as well as useful resources like a list of books recommended by Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and other gurus. Its philosophy is “Many academics claim that investing is a random walk. We believe this to be partially true, but believe that value investing can outperform the market.”

Though many people think ValueWalk is just one of the investing blogs for beginners, it is also read by senior-level executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and Fortune 500 companies. Hence, follow and read ValueWalk to get some tips on how to invest and make money daily.

4. Brooklyn Investor

Brooklyn Investor does not reveal the author’s real name, which makes it seem mysterious and different from other value investing blogs. On the Brooklyn Investor blog,  the author says that most of his career has been on Wall Street, from investment portfolio management, trading, futures/options, and OTC derivatives structuring and trading, proprietary trading, special situations, to systems trading of futures at “one of the big hedge funds.”

With the experience of the author, Brooklyn Investor has many detailed posts analyzing individual securities, extracting from annual reports and investor presentations, then explaining the meaning for investors. So, if you are not well-knowledged to invest in the companies, learning from value investing blogs like Brooklyn Investor is a good way of researching a stock.

5. The Big Picture

The Big Picture is one of the greatest investing blogs for beginners that provides many wealth management tips from Barry Ritholtz. He is a financial and wealth adviser billionaire owning the multibillion-dollar investment firm Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC. 

Ritholtz has run the financial blog The Big Picture since 2003, which has an incredible view rate of over 500,000 per month. On The Big Picture, you will read and grasp the psychology of money, investments and financial planning from a high-level investor.  He shares the articles he reads every day with his readers. If you want to find a few good value investing blogs, The Big Picture is a great place to start.

With investing blogs for beginners, you will see how to kick-start your investment journey.
With investing blogs for beginners, you will see how to kick-start your investment journey (Source: Pixabay)

6. 1st Million At 33

Have you ever thought about how how to be a millionaire by 30? Is it an unattainable ambition in your life? You can find the answer in the 1st Million At 33 which is one of the best investing blogs for beginners. 

The main topic of 1st Million At 33 is the author’s stories about adopting a positive mindset, achieving financial freedom, and developing valuable skills to make money. He shares with his readers’ tips on how he creates a goal for every dollar earned, which accelerates his path to achieving the $1 million goals by his 33rd birthday. 

7. MyConstant Blog

MyConstant is on the top of investing blogs for beginners. Here at MyConstant, we provide investment knowledge for everyone, especially young investors. Our blog covers a variety of topics giving you an overview of a better understanding of where and how you’re spending your money once you start managing your finances. 

Also, we will give a deeper look at how to diversify your investment portfolio and earn interest on crypto. As a result, our blogs might help you take note of important things to consider before investing in it and find the right crypto investment strategy – a current investment trend many people are catching up with.

Besides an investing blog, MyConstant is also a great platform to invest in with a wide range of options for you.  We ensure to offer you steady returns bypassing the banks with your privacy and security. You can lend money online with us to people and businesses around the world with a fixed-term loan for the best rates or deposit money online.

Our benefits include:

  • No fees for USD investments
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Sounds interesting? Sign up for a free account today and start investing.

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