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6 Easy Ways to Invest and Earn Money Daily

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Investment is generally a long game with most substantial earnings coming after years of waiting. However, with the right investment options, you can start earning a daily profit today. Here are 10 proven ways to invest and earn money daily.

Waiting on that paycheck can be a drag and sometimes it feels like investments take forever to cash out, wouldn’t it be better to invest and earn money every day?

Well, you’re in luck. It has never been easier to invest and earn money daily.

We’re going to tell you about a few modern methods to start earning on a regular basis that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Invest and earn money daily online
With the right strategy and enough investment avenues you can invest and earn money daily online (source:

How to invest online and earn money daily

Earning money daily from investment is usually not the goal of investing. The surest way to make a profit on investments is to hold on to safe rates over a long period of time. This usually means locking into longer-term ventures like stocks or bonds that don’t necessarily pay out every day.

And, obviously, the more money you put into investment, the more you can get out even at low rates.

Therefore, while it’s possible to make money daily through investment, you should avoid putting large amounts of money towards anything offering extremely high ROIs as this implies risk.

However, if you have a small chunk of funds available to play around with, then there are a lot of options available for daily earnings today.

Online investments you can make today to start earning daily

Laddered investment

If you’re willing to wait a little bit initially, laddered investment is one of the safest ways to get daily returns.

Many investment types like peer-to-peer lending, bonds, and CDs require a lock in period for investments. During this time you cannot access your money. To build up consistent returns, investors will take out many smaller investments in a row instead of one large investment so they can access their money earlier.

You can do this on a yearly, monthly, or daily basis depending on the earning schedule you want. Interest from locked in investment is almost always more secure and tends to be a bit higher than anytime-withdrawal options.

Peer-to-peer lending pooled investment

Peer-to-peer lending platforms, as mentioned before, are hubs for online investors and borrowers.

These new additions to the growing financial technology (fintech) sphere are unlocking new avenues for growth around the world. Many platforms today, specifically ones that specialize in crypto loans, offer features ideal for daily returns like investment pools.

Platforms that offer investment pool features often can be a decent source of daily investment income
Platforms that offer investment pool features often can be a decent source of daily investment income (source:

These pools will invest your money automatically in a range of P2P crypto backed loans as well as institutional loans and pay you back a sizeable cut of interest. The investments have a degree of safety because losses are offset by the principal of other investors.

On many platforms, this interest is paid back weekly or monthly. However, some platforms like MyConstant offer interest compounded every second and anytime free withdrawals. Perfect for someone wanting to capitalize on immediate gains.

Peer to peer lending is the new way to invest and earn money daily
Peer to peer lending is the new way to invest money for daily income

Online stocks

Today you don’t need $20,000 to your name and a brokerage account to start trading on the stock market.

There are many new companies that can get you started trading with some of the biggest companies in the world with the spare change in your account. Some popular ones are Acorns, Robinhood, and Etoro. Many offer fractional shares, meaning you can buy percentages of an expensive stock and still tap into the profits. 

However, stock trading is usually a long term venture. A stock that shoots way up one day is just as likely to plummet the next. While you can withdraw earnings on any day when the market is open you are better off holding these for the long term.

Futures trading

Futures trading is a riskier investment option that can be laddered similarly to P2P lending or bonds and is best done with smaller amounts.

This more complex investment type is most commonly executed by professional traders in the stock and crypto markets. They can yield sizable returns to a knowledgeable investor, but can cause major losses for someone who doesn’t understand the process.

In a futures contract you bet on the likelihood of an asset to rise above or fall below a certain price point. If you get it right, you can make a lot of money. If you don’t, you can lose just as much.

Unlike normal stock trades that hope for the price to go up, futures are hedges against the volatility of an asset. These trades are at their safest when they deal with a highly volatile asset like stock or crypto that is just as likely to go up or down on a regular basis.

The basics:

We won’t go deep into the nitty-gritty here but you should before you go anywhere near futures. When you buy or sell a futures contract you set an expiration date when you will have to buy or sell the shares of the asset you agreed to buy/sell. 

Most professionals rarely buy or sell the asset itself at the expiration date. They instead make their money by selling the underlying contracts to buy/sell the assets before they expire. These sales can take place from a couple of months to a matter of moments.

While these investments can seem more like gambling, pro futures traders know how to prevent monumental losses by hedging multiple contracts against each other and using charts to predict market moves.

By laddering multiple futures contracts, you can earn small amounts of money back in just a matter of days and earn a reasonably reliable source of investment income. 

Today there are hundreds of online tutorials and guides to futures out there. Check them out if you want to take your investment game to the next level.


A new type of investment is emerging on the blockchain for crypto holders who want a steadier source of interest.

Called DeFi or Decentralized Finance protocols, these platforms use blockchain to create automatic lending pools gaining interest for anyone who uses them. Usually this interest is earned in real time so you can use them for daily investment income.

DeFi platforms are often similar to the P2P lending pools mentioned above, except most of them aren’t directly controlled by any one party. This makes it less likely your funds will run off with the protocol creator. However, it can make the interest rates much more volatile.

If your aim is to get stable daily profit with crypto, you should move into safer investment options like DeFi that are less likely to lose money. Secured crypto lending is a great option to invest and make money daily on crypto. Some services let you lend ETH, BTC or BNB for a return of 9.00% APY.

Join an affiliate program

Create content online like blogs, videos, or podcasts? You can invest in your hobby and earn money daily by joining an affiliate program.

Many companies are looking for small time marketers to help them refer other customers. And they’ll pay you rewards for doing it. We offer an affiliate program of our own for those who talk about finance online and want to share MyConstant with their followers.

As an affiliate of MyConstant you can get $15 per new referral plus 15% of all referral instant access interest in their first year.

Investing online for a daily profit requires a bit of creativity
Investing online for a daily profit requires a bit of creativity (source:

Get daily investment interest at rates up to 9% on MyConstant

There are some platforms today that offer a little bit of everything to investors trying to make daily profits on their savings. At MyConstant we offer tools for the short term investor and the long term one.

You can earn 4% APY in our instant access account. All money is compounded by the second and withdrawals can be made at any time, any day.

You can also lock your money in collateral-backed P2P investments with us for up to 6 months at a time at 7% APR. You can ladder this investment with smaller amounts to receive your interest on a daily basis. 

We even have a feature for lending crypto to Decentralized Exchanges at 9% APY, again, with anytime withdrawals. Come check us out and see how you could be doing more with your money today.

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