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The Best Ways to Invest Money Safely in 2021

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Investments always come with risks, but some investments are much safer than others. While there are many traditional options that people have turned to for decades, there are quite a few new ones today. Here are a couple of ways you can invest your money safely today. And still bring in significant interest rates.

Who on Earth enjoys losing money? Absolutely no one.

Even though investing is a great strategy to reach your financial goals, if you invest in the wrong thing, you could end up losing much more than you gain. 

While today there are many day traders who hype the benefits of selling quickly, good investing shouldn’t be like gambling. Things that can shoot up quickly often go down just as fast.

Recently, we published a guide on the best ways to invest your money safely with tips from some of the top investors in history. But getting the proper mindset isn’t enough; we want to set you on the right path for a strong portfolio.

In this guide, we want to give you an overview on how to invest your money safely. Here’s some of the top safest investments people are making today.

Safe investments rarely yield the highest returns (source: pxhere.con)

The safest ways to invest money today

Treasury securities

Treasury securities (often called “treasuries”) are bonds issued by the US treasury department. These loans are backed by the US government and sold through auctions. You can buy treasuries from certain banks or brokers.


  • Treasuries are backed by the US government, making them one of the safest investments you can make.
  • Treasuries aren’t subject to the same capital gains taxes that other securities have


  • You may actually lose money if you try to sell a treasury before it fully matures.
  • Treasuries currently have extremely low yields (currently 0.67% APR for five years).
Treasuries are loans given to the US treasury for steady long-term returns
Treasuries are loans given to the US treasury for steady long-term returns (source:

Certificate of deposit accounts (CDs)

A certificate of deposit is a fixed-term loan to a bank. They are some of the safest and highest-return investments you can make through a bank.

CDs are loans is made for a specified period, after which the bank pays you back at a higher interest rate than you’d get in a savings accoun., However,you can’t touch the money until your term finishes.


  • All CDs are guaranteed by the FDIC, making them very safe.
  • CD’s get you fixed, predictable returns.


  • To get higher returns, you’ll need to tie up your money for a long amount of time.
  • Interest rates are now below inflation (below 1.10% APR).
  • You’ll owe normal capital gains tax on the interest accrued.

Money market accounts

Money market accounts are special bank accounts with higher interest than regular savings accounts. The higher interest rates are a reward for the higher deposit amounts required to open them (usually at least $2,500) as they give banks a larger pool of money to lend with.


  • Offers a higher interest rate than a basic savings account.
  • Your money is still accessible while invested.


  • It typically requires a higher minimum balance than a savings account.
  • Usually, your account is limited to 6 transfers a month.
  • Interest rates are now under 1% per year in the US.

Savings bonds

Saving bonds are another type of government bond. They often are considered “zero-coupon bonds,” meaning they don’t technically earn interest. You purchase them at a discount, and then when they reach maturity, you are paid the “full-amount” of the bond. The interest is the difference between the two numbers.


  • You pay low or no taxes on them.
  • They are insured by the US government.


  • You will face a penalty if you redeem your bonds too early.
  • Interest rates are roughly0.10% annually.

These all sound pretty safe, but something is missing, isn’t there?

Where are the returns? 

Right now, inflation is at 2% in the US. That means all of these traditionally “safe” investment options actually lose you money in the long run.

So let’s get real and talk about the actual best options if you want real returns. We’re not talking about volatile stocks.. We’re talking about something entirely new that’s only become available in the 21st century.

Invest your money with less risk with peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer(P2P) lending is quickly growing in popularity among investors as a way to earn high returns on investments again with a significant degree of safety.

In P2P lending, you lend out your money to individuals or business borrowers through P2P platforms online. Usually, these platforms take care of matching you with borrowers and settling any loan disputes. 

P2P’s main selling points are its transparency and investment diversity. Before you invest your money, you’ll get a rundown of the details of each loan you invest in and the estimated returns. They also have far fewer operational costs and fees siphoning money from your investments.

Pros of P2P lending:

  • A high level of transparency for investors.
  • Steady returns.
  • Many ways investors can mitigate risk like lending pools and collateral backing.
  • Very competitive interest rates easily breaking 10% APR.
  • Many different loan options are available to help you diversify.

Cons of P2P lending

  • Many P2P loans are uncollateralized meaning if borrowers default, some platforms won’t give you your money back.
  • Most P2P investments are uninsured by federal agencies like the FDIC.
  • If your P2P platform goes bankrupt, your funds may disappear.

We’ve written a couple of blogs already about some of the top peer-to-peer lending platforms in the industry. There’s a growing list of options to choose from today. And some of them are safer than others.

Why P2P lending through MyConstant may be your best bet for safe investing today

Want to get in on P2P lending but are scared of borrower defaults?

MyConstant is one of the safest P2P Lending platforms
MyConstant is one of the safest P2P Lending platforms

All of our loans at MyConstant are are fully-collateralized by cryptocurrencies.  You can lock your money safely in an investment for up to 6 months for up to 7% APR.

That’s 7x more interest than a CD account.

Have most of your assets locked in cryptocurrencies? We even have a crypto lending feature. All you have to do is deposit your crypto, sit back and watch it grow off fees from DEX liquidity pools at 8% APY.

We take additional steps other platforms don’t to protect your money as well. All funds are held with our insured, third party custodian, Prime Trust, operating and regulated in the US. We also give you lending pool options for your investments that allow you to withdraw anytime and deposit and amount for a steady 4% APY.

In a market where the traditional options aren’t providing for investors anymore, you need to look for platforms offering real interest. Start making your money earn for you today.

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