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The Top 3 Ways to Double Your Money with Online Investments

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Do you want to double your money online, but aren’t sure how and where to do it? Don’t fall for scams that tell you it’s possible to double your money online without investing.  We’re going to walk through the top 3 ways you can invest your money for more today.

So you want to double your money online.

It sure sounds nice having twice what you already had in your bank account, doesn’t it? However, doubling money is a bit of a tricky goal. It’s easy to double $20. Just go mow someone’s lawn for an hour. The same can’t be said for $100,000 though. 

Something tells us you are looking for some less-traditional options. So we’ll get right into it.

How can you double your money? Investing.

There’s only one tried-and-tested method proven to double your money besides working your day job or winning the lottery.

It’s called letting your money work for you, better known as investing.

There are many ways to invest your money. Some methods will double your funds a lot faster than others. However, the fast-growth options almost always have a higher chance of losing your money too.

But, you’re in luck, there’ve never been more options for investing than there are today. Many of them are online. We’ve created a list of the most popular methods and platforms you might come across today.

The top ways to double your money online today


Believe it or not, stock investments are a somewhat high-risk way to double your money. But for years they have been a popular choice among investors.

Stocks prices are affected heavily by market forces generally outside of your control. Your best bet for steady gains is to buy into something with broad market exposure like an ETF. 

While there’s always a chance you could buy a cheap “penny stock” and see it double. You’re just as likely to see the price collapse into oblivion. Try to start with established companies that protect their bottom line

Recently, there’s been a huge increase in online stock investment platforms. They charge very little and let you start investing with any amount. Some notable platforms include Robinhood, Etoro, and Cashapp.


Cryptocurrencies can double your money in the short term if you buy and sell at the right time. The 2017 Bitcoin boom made a bunch of quick billionaires. At the same time, many others also lost most of their hard-earned savings.

While the monumental gains of the crypto boom may never happen again, many investors are still finding decent returns in digital assets.

Modern stock trading platforms today like eToro and Robinhood now offer crypto investment options. And if you want greater market exposure you can get even more depth by operating on crypto trading platforms like exchanges.

Buying and investing in cryptocurrencies is a high risk investment option. The market behaves unpredictably and is hard to read. It’s crucial to use a platform where you have high liquidity like unlimited free withdrawals so you can act quickly.

Online lending (P2P lending)

The world of lending isn’t just for banks anymore. It’s open to average investors as well. Professional platforms provide great investment deals from top borrowers around the world.

The industry of peer-to-peer lending is considered one of the most convenient and low-risk ways to double your money online through investing. You can lend money to businesses through P2P marketplaces that match you with borrowed and lenders.

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Double money through P2P Lending
Double money through P2P Lending (

Getting more money in the bank from investment doesn’t need hours of market research.

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