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11 Reasons Why You Should Invest with MyConstant

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Wondering if we’re the right investment platform for you?

Here’s a whopping 11 reasons why you should invest with MyConstant. Not everything below is exclusive to our platform, but you’ll struggle to find it all in one place

So read on and find out how we can help you do more with your money…

#1 Get unlimited free withdrawals. 

Withdrawals in fiat are free. It doesn’t matter how much you withdraw or how often, we never charge you for accessing your own money.

Note: This does not include wire fees from your personal bank account. Withdrawals in crypto are subject to fees.

#2 Invest as much and as often as you like for free.

You don’t pay a penny to invest on our platform. All your profits are yours to keep. 

#3 Convert between USD and stablecoins for free.

Invest using USD or stablecoins and freely convert between the two. No fees. No restrictions. Just simple deposits and withdrawals in your currency of choice. 

#4 Choose the best online investment platform for you

Just starting out? Earn 4% APY in our anytime withdrawal account, instant access

Want to create your own crypto-secured order? Earn up to 7% APR or more with Custom P2P lending

Want to earn up to 11% APR investing in businesses and individuals around the world? Try out Loan Originator.*

Just want a place to earn on your cryptocurrencies? Earn 8% APY on your BTC, BNB, and ETH through Crypto Lend.

Whatever your experience or investment strategy, we have a range of products designed to help you grow your money — fast. 

*As of 26 August 2020, the loan originator is deactivated until further notice.

#5 Earn more interest when you refer your friends

Enjoying your time with us and want to tell your friends? You get $20 per customer you refer (US only) and an additional 10% of their earned instant access interest during their first year.

And if you’re eligible for our membership rewards you can earn even more.

#6 Earn quick returns in our secondary market

Want to end your investment term early?

Want to earn profit without committing for a full term?

Then check out our secondary market.  

This is where investors buy and sell matched orders. Sell to end your term early while earning a 2% bonus on elapsed term time. Or, buy an order to earn great returns at a fraction of the term you’d need to secure them. 

But don’t wait around – secondary investments sell VERY fast. 

#7 Speak to people who care

Anytime, anywhere, we’re here for you. We have offices in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia that provide 24-7 customer support via email, social media, Telegram and phone. So it doesn’t matter if you live in Alaska or Australia, we’ve got you covered.  

What’s more, you’ll always speak to someone who can solve your problem. No scripts. No call centers. No being passed around departments. Just friendly people qualified to help you, every time. 

#8 Become a better investor 

We create content that helps you invest better. From blogs to infographics, videos to FAQs, you’ll find everything you need to earn great returns. Our content is well-researched, educational, and plainly written. No jargon. No waffle. Just a growing library of free resources to help you reach your financial goals, fast.

#9 Always be the first to know

We’re honest and open about what we do and how. We don’t hide behind our technology. You’ll get to know us well – usually by first name. And if something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to know why and how it might affect you and what we’re doing to fix it.    

#10 Have your say

We listen to you. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions help us help you. We want to make you a more successful investor, and that means optimizing our platform and building new tools so you can earn great returns every time. 

#11 Enjoy free upgrades and new features

Being a small, scrappy startup lets us do things established platforms can’t. We’re lean, bold, and fast too. Our overheads are low, our technology purpose-built, and we can pass these efficiency savings to you in the form of new features, zero or low fees, and a better customer experience overall. We don’t charge for “premium” access – we give it for free. 


Please follow us on Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook for more news, views, and updates from the MyConstant team. If you have any questions or feedback, please join us on Telegram or drop us an email at [email protected]

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